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Fine Art:
Island Hoppers Art

Fine Art for your home.

everglades-lone-island-hoppers-art (2).jpg

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Choose from a tropical variety of bright beaches, sea life, and one-of-a-kind digital art. offers art collectors a combination of thought-provoking statement pieces from over 100 tropical locations. Perfect for quietly spending time in deep thought or enjoying a discussion while adding to the ambiance of your home.

Shown above is "Everglades Lone" on archival matte paper. The everglades have been classified as the only ecosystem of its' kind in the world and are on the  Endangered "World Heritage" list of  UNESCO's International Biosphere Reserves. 

The lone pole reinforces to the viewer the uniqueness of the Florida Everglades and the sole importance of this rare ecosystem. The breathtaking sunset brings a sense of brightness and hope to the perceptive eye of the astute viewer of "Everglades Lone". 

Art is limited edition and includes a certificate of authenticity personally signed by Dan.

Click the button below to visit Island Hoppers Art by Dan and his wife, Tracey. 

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